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Tier 1 Production Operator

Tier 1 Production Operator

The contact for this position will be Gabriel Holguin, they can email resumes directly to him.

1. Position reports to the Field Tech of Four Corners Petroleum II, LLC

a. Field Tech reports to Production Foreman

2. Hourly position, expected to work 40 hrs minimum a week with evening/weekend work 

required as necessary based on field conditions

a. Must be available by phone 24/7 on days on

3. Ensure company EH&S goals are met

a. 0 LTA’s

b. 0 company fault vehicle accidents

c. 0 OSHA recordables

d. Attend all required safety trainings

e. Sell all produced gas, only flare low pressure produced gas if there is a midstream plant 

outage and ESD (Emergency Shut Down) high pressure gas if CO2 has outage

f. Ensure flares and ESD system are operational 24/7 and compliant with air permit 


4. Pump a production route within the Production Operations Department. There are 2 

production operators per route (Tiers) and both are equally responsible for the route they are 

assigned to.

5. Perform operational checks of assigned wells, equipment, and facilities

a. Ensure all locations have good housekeeping and meet company EH&S policies

b. Ensure fences are operating as intended, signs are in place as needed, weeds are kept as 

required, and trash is removed

6. Report production for your route each day in a timely manner

a. Turn in all run tickets each day

7. Within the production route ensure that well tests are executed per Well Test Best Practices 

document (Tier 1 testing regularly)

8. Report down production (freezing wells, low/no flow wells, plugged flow lines, downhole issues, 

etc) in a timely manner to Field Tech and Surveillance Tech

9. Work w/ Facility Surveillance role to execute any hands-on field items needed at each facility

10. Work w/ Surveillance Tech role to ensure field items are taken care of to ensure appropriate gas 

lift usage by well

a. Work with Surveillance Tech to adjust gas lift as necessary (Tier 1 operators will only 

adjust per request)

11. Keep production slip stream water usage as low as possible so that produced water is used for 

water injection

12. Perform general maintenance within your route as required by Production Foreman or Field 


13. Ensure all chemical being used on a well or facility within your route is being administered as 


a. Alert Field Tech to any issues

14. Review POC settings on wells within your routes and ensure pump is operating as intended.

a. Recommend changes to Field Tech as needed

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